Therapies with you in mind...

Yvonne has been practicing Reiki since 2009 and is a Reiki Master-Teacher.  With numerous other specialties under her belt, including massage, crystal, reflexology and sound therapies, you can be assured you are in the very best hands, enabling you to access healing on whatever level you require.

Massage therapies

Yvonne practices a range of massage therapies, with therapeutic hot stone massage as her specialty.  Warm Bamboo, Warm Crystal and Sound massages are also on offer as well as Yvonne's signature massage - Reiki Massage, a truly special blend of the healing energy of Reiki with the benefits of a slow and meditative massage.

Reiki Treatments

Yvonne has been a Reiki Master/Teacher for many years, having studied and practiced Traditional Usui Reiki since 2009.

Reiki can heal on a physical/spiritual/emotional level and may help you with many issues, including pain, anxiety and stess.  Yvonne offers, not only traditional Reiki treatments, but also specialises in 'fusion' treatments like Reiki massage, Reiki with crystal therapy and Reiki and sound therapies.

Crystal Therapies

Yvonne uses crystals in many aspects of her healing practice, from Reiki to Reflexology to massage with warm crystal palmstones.  Crystal therapy works at vibrational level with the human body, we vibrate with energy and so do the crystals used, each having their own vibrational quality.

Crystal placement therapy involves whole body dowsing and individual crystals dowsed to ensure the exact crystals for you are selected and placed just where they need to be on your body to facilitate the healing you require.  Crystal healing supports you and many of my clients comment on this feeling of 'support' lasting long after their treatments have ended, sometimes for many weeks.


Yvonne is a Clinical Reflexologist who also specialises in Maternity , Crystal and Hot Stone Reflexology treatments.  Being a sound therapist Yvonne also offers a truly restorative and balancing Reflexology treatment with tuning forks to bring about deep relaxation and healing on all levels.

Sound Therapies

Sound healing enables us to heal on a vibrational level, right down to cellular level as the different tonalities and frequencies used in sound healing affect the vibrations of our own bodies, bringing about rebalance from any upset to our frequencies from pain, emotional disturbances, and illness.  

Yvonne uses Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, healing pipes and drum to facilitate deep healing.  Sound therapy has also been proven to change the brainwaves bringing about deep, deep relaxation, healing and easing of the stress response.

As an adult I had always avoided the dentist unless I had an emergency.  i recognised this wasn't normal or healthy behaviour but I continued to avoid going  due to my fear and anxiety.  After one hypnotherapy session with Yvonne, I was able to go to a scheduled appointment, without anxiety, no hyperventilation, heart palpitations etc.  Thank you very much Yvonne for the very effective treatment